High performance exhaust systems
Akrapovič at Louwman Exclusive


Akrapovič, a young company founded in 1990 by the Slovenian motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovič. The company develops and produces exhaust systems from only the highest quality materials. Because of continuous development, Akrapovič guarantees its design and top performances for cars, motorcycles and (motor)scooters.

In the last 25 years, Akrapovič has earned the reputation as champion supplier in the professional superbike championship and professional car sport.

Due to the install of an Akrapovič exhaust system, the performances of your car increase immediately and provides the car with the unique Akrapovič sound. It’s not only sound and performance by Akrapovič, also design is key priority.

Ten reasons why you should replace the stock exhaust system of your sports car by an Akrapovič: Watch the 10 reasons here.