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Personal freedom
On a pedestal


It’s not a car, it’s a personal monument

This car combines two extremes with military precision. It has the Jeep as its base, and doesn’t that stand for Just Enough Elementary Parts? But the Brute is in no way a simple creature. On the contrary: the Brute is magnificence itself in a 4×4 format. A car that clearly represents the freedom its owner creates for themselves.

Creating freedom, that’s something they take very literally at Brute. After all, a Brute is fully custom made. Built according to its owner’s precise specifications. With the latest Jeep model as its base, a car is created which also remains comfortable over long distances thanks to the latest technology. Would you like a pick-up or a convertible? Details in carbon or aluminium? A paint job in Amazon Steel, Pure Clay, or Oro Elios, simply because it matches the rest of the car fleet? This car’s mission is clear: elevating personal freedom to uncharted heights.

This is a car for those who think outside the box. This is a Jeep for people who turn left where most others choose to turn right. In addition to private use, the Richmond is also suitable for use as a business car.
The Lagoon offers a high level of fun, as virtually the entire exterior & interior can be customised. The Lagoon wouldn't be a real Brute if it wasn't disassembled from top to bottom to be put together again just the way you like it.

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