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Brute Richmond

I can, I will, end of story

Yes, this is a car for those who think outside the box. This is a Jeep for people who turn left where most others choose to turn right. In addition to private use, the Richmond is also suitable for use as a business car. This makes it perfectly suited to the unconventional businessman. After all, people who give careful thought to everything they undertake deserve a carefully designed car.

And the Richmond has certainly been carefully designed. To ensure that the Jeep is future-proof and equipped with the latest technology, for example, each and every part has been developed and manufactured by Brute themselves. That is something true car enthusiasts – who wish to add another versatile car to the Maserati or McLaren in their driveway – will definitely appreciate.

And the rest of the car? That’s all up to the new owner… the roof, the colours, the leather. It is clear that this is a Jeep like no other: one of a kind, out-of-the box, original. So if you still believe that Brute only manufactures standard Jeeps: think again…

Net catalogue price incl. vehicle registration tax and VAT.
€ 113.950
Lease from €2.065

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