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Heritage since 1904

Frederick Henry Royce and Charles Stewart Rolls met in 1904 through a good friend at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. After a hearty conversation (perhaps with a glass of whiskey) they came to a decision: Charles Rolls would sell the cars developed by Henry Royce.

Both men had a completely different background: Rolls came from a wealthy family, whereas the fourteen-year-old Royce had been working since he was nine years old. They were complete opposites, but nevertheless the click was immediate. This meeting point became a milestone in the legend of Rolls-Royce. According to the story, Rolls asked Royce to start the car during a test drive of the first car made by Royce. In which Royce replied: “It is already running!”. One will never know the truth to this story, but it does reflect the passion for improvement and refinement which is so characteristic of the brand.


In 1906 a new six-cylinder was introduced and from 1907 it was known as Silver Ghost. The Silver Ghost was a true masterpiece for its time: in freewheel it rotated so softly that a coin could balance on it without falling over. This is why the Silver Ghost was given the (unofficial) title of Best Car in the World over many years.

“This is why the Silver Ghost was given the (unofficial) title of Best Car in the World over many years”


Various models followed, including the Twenty, 40/50 Phantom and the 20/25. After 1910, it was fashionable for every prestigious car brand to have its own luxury mascot. John Walter Edward Scott-Montagu, a well-to-do car owner, wanted this too and approached the artist Charles Sykes. Sykes chose Eleanor Velasco Thornton as a model for his artwork, the secretary and mistress of Scott-Montagu. Since 1910, the figurine of the woman who bends forward with her arms stretched backwards, with her dress blowing up as if it were wings, was the beautiful last finishing touch of every Rolls-Royce. We know it as the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, which symbolizes the ‘Spirit of Rolls-Royce’: speed, silence, comfortable driving characteristics, mysticism and beauty.


The Phantom was renewed several times over the following years. Each time improved and even more luxurious than the previous one. Only 374 of the Phantom VI were built and introduced in 1968. Among others, Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, has a Phantom VI in her garage.


No brand is as well-known for its luxury as Rolls-Royce. Every Rolls-Royce can be customized up to the centimeter and is provided with five layers of paint, applied by robots and by hand. You can even order a Rolls-Royce Phantom with a ‘heavenly roof’ in which more than a thousand LED lights create the impression of a starry sky.

All models can be fitted with silk panels on the inside which are hand woven by Japanese clothing makers. If it rains? Every door of a Rolls-Royce has an umbrella as standard to ensure you always arrive dry at your destination. The word luxury is not enough when describing a Rolls-Royce.


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