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Japanese craftsmanship

At Louwman Exclusive, we are very enamoured with Lexus. Why? In the first place, because Lexus is synonymous with Japanese craftsmanship and excellent cars. We know from experience that a Lexus cylinder is virtually indestructible. The tradition of craftsmanship and superb quality, Takumi called, is aimed at the Lexus Takumi masters. Each Takumi has finely developed senses, an extreme eye for detail and has at least 25 years of experience within a specific part of the production process. He is not satisfied with less than perfection. But Lexus is more than quality and excellence. Just as well, because there are enough ordinary cars. We think the current Lexus line is incredible, from the compact hybrid CT to the stylish LC coupé. It is clear that Lexus wants to be better than the best. And that is an aspiration to which we can relate perfectly.

Lexus was conceived as Toyota’s premium brand. It is no secret that they have known how to design and manufacture cars for years at Toyota. The people behind Lexus were therefore presented with an immense challenge. But they grabbed the bull by the horns, with success. Lexus has excelled in quality and innovation for years. Not innovating for the sake of innovating, but innovating because it adds something. Result: a driving experience such as only Lexus can offer. We would be delighted to let you experience it and as part of the official network, we are also your port of call for maintenance of your Lexus.

Hybrid driving at its best. That is our definition of the Lexus CT. We are extremely enamoured with this luxury five-door hatchback.
This is Lexus at its best: a luxury sports sedan with a distinctive design and impressive performance.
We are highly enthusiastic about the fifth generation of the Lexus LS. This hybrid limousine raises the bar for automotive technology significantly.
If we had to choose a crossover in this class, this would be it. The Lexus NX is so much better and more attractive than the competition that it is a no-brainer.
There are SUVs and there are SUVs. In our opinion, the Lexus RX is in a category of its own. What space, what comfort, what luxury.
A premium SUV as only Lexus can make it. With room for up to 7 people, it is the ideal car for large groups, where everyone is equally comfortable.
The Lexus RC: a distinctive top class four-seater sports coupé. The first thing you notice is the audacious design.
When we first saw the Lexus LC as a concept car, we could not believe our eyes. How audacious, what a design.
The Lexus UX is in a class of its own. With the rugged lines of an SUV and the driving comfort of a hatchback, this is the ultimate luxury city car of the moment.
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