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Born to drive

Once in a while we start one in our workshop. We all fall silent for a moment. Out of respect, perhaps. Because a McLaren is so much more than a car. It represents pure racing history with hyper-modern technology, sensationally packaged. And the best part is: you simply can hit the road with it. Apparently, there are even people who go shopping in their McLarens. But as far as we are concerned, a McLaren is mainly made to go. All the way.

McLaren is of course known for its illustrious racing history, Formula 1 for example. That legacy is reflected in the name of the sports car with which McLaren stunned the market in 1992: the McLaren F1 designed by Gordon Murray. Still the ultimate supercar according to many and now worth astronomical sums of money. Nevertheless, we think the McLarens of today are just as thrilling. There are models in three categories, each of which provides an ascending adrenaline rush: the Sports Series, the Super Series and the Ultimate Series. And maintenance of this top athlete on wheels? Not to worry. The experts at Louwman Exclusive would be delighted to assist.

In our view, this is the ultimate summer romance: the McLaren 570S Spider.
We are mad about records at Louwman Exclusive. That is why we like this record breaker from McLaren so much.
A car that combines the spectacular performance of the McLaren 570S with the comfort a grand tourer. It seems too good to be true.
If there was ever a thoroughbred sports car, this is it. The McLaren 540C is a sheer delight. To look at, but above all, to drive.
The McLaren 720S is in our opinion everything a supercar should be: super light, super powerful and super fast
McLaren has done it again. It is almost reassuring how this brand continues to amaze us time and again.
We can hardly believe it, but with this new creation McLaren has set the bar higher again.
Even experienced drivers will gasp for breath when they drive the 600LT Spider. The high-mounted exhausts, located right behind your shoulder, will literally make you one with its 3.8 liter V8.
Limits exist to be surpassed. This is exactly what McLaren GT achieves with passion.
The McLaren Senna personifies McLaren at its most extreme. It is legalised for road use, but really comes into its own on the track.
The McLaren Elva is the first open-cockpit hypersport car in the Ultimate Series to be allowed on the open road. A new dimension in the category of street-legal cars has truly been brought to life.

Enjoy a young used McLaren in perfect condition

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