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​Morgan 3Wheeler

​​The uncontested classic

You sometimes see children practising cautiously for the real task on three-wheelers. The Morgan 3Wheeler is made with other intentions entirely. We are always in awe of the power this ultra-lightweight generates on the asphalt. This is sportive driving at its purest, based on the three-wheelers with which Morgan has been astounding the world since 1909. The idea is the same, the technology is as modern as it can be. The 2.0 V Twin S&S engine block delivers 86 PK at the rear wheel. The block is coupled to a 5-speed transmission and the rear wheel is powered by a drive shaft and a toothed belt. This concept translates into smooth handling. But we think the spectacular performance is even more important. You simply won’t believe it!

But between all that mischief, Morgan has also carefully considered your safety. The 3Wheeler has a reinforced tubular frame and a rollover bar for driver and passenger. An added benefit is that you can customise the configuration of your 3Wheeler completely. The list of options is long; the possibilities even include a photo reportage of the construction of your car. Looking for a high-speed fun car that is without equal? Hurry to our showroom.

Net catalogue price incl. vehicle registration tax and VAT
€ 62.250,-


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