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Heritage since 1909

A steel chassis with a wooden frame, a rigid rear axle and a metal body. Morgan cars are mainly hand-made by around 200 employees. 850 cars are produced per year. The cars are very recognizable throughout, which is evident in the pure craftsmanship and pure passion. One would say: if you drove over a coin in a Morgan, you would be able to feel whether it was heads or tails.

 width=When H.F.S. Morgan designed and built a car for himself in 1909, he did it for his own pleasure. But having received many compliments for his work, he decided to pursue this opportunity further by founding the Morgan Motor Company; one of Britain’s best-known and most eccentric car manufacturers. In 1914, H.F.S. Morgan opened the first factory at Pickersligh Road in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, where it is still located today. For more than twenty-five years, the company only produced three-wheelers. This was for tax reasons as these were seen as motorbikes in Britain. In addition,
they were also light and fast, which made them extremely popular.

Longest produced car in the world

In 1936, Morgan took the next step. They introduced the 4/4, a four-wheeler with a four-cylinder Coventry Climax engine. To this day, this model is still being built and is therefore the longest produced car in the world. Every Morgan is built with the very best materials. The engines are, however, not produced in-house: Morgan have made use of the best engines from JAP, Matchless, Triumph, Ford and BMW to name a few.

“Morgan is one of Britain’s best-known and most eccentric car manufacturers”


For a long time, Morgan kept to the classic design which had existed since the mid-1950s. However, at the start of the 21st century, Morgan decided to take a new route with the introduction of the fully aluminum Aero 8. The recognizable eye-catching and characteristic Morgan design was clearly present, but cast in a modern jacket and using a full aluminum chassis. And not to be mistaken: the classic design did not detract from the impressive performance, as the low-weight made Morgans great to drive and they performed just like any other sports car.

Morgan Heritage Craftmanship

Unique craftsmanship

Whether it is the characteristic Morgan 3-Wheeler, which has been back in the program since 2012 or one of the characteristic Classic models, every Morgan is hand-built. Unique craftsmanship where ash wood, aluminum and leather are processed manually and each component is perfected in detail. Morgan is a progressive family business with a passion for craftsmanship, a special look and unprecedented performance. Morgan is ready for the future because the iconic design of the Morgan 3-Wheeler is being updated with 21st century technology. In addition to the 1983cc V-twin with fuel injection, they are working hard on a fully electric version, the EV 3. A classic with a retro appearance and an innovative, future-proof interior.

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