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Jordan Bulthuis

Service Advisor Jordan Bulthuis started his career long ago as a technician, but exchanged the workshop for the helpdesk. Being in contact with the customers is his ’thing’. Now at Louwman Exclusive he is the one to contact about Lexus.

You have been employed at Louwman Exclusive for two years now, before that you worked a long time with a German brand. Has the passion for Lexus grown on you yet?
Yes, in the beginning I had to switch after 15 years working with a German brand. Lexus is a modest and exclusive brand, which you don’t see on every corner of the street. I was not familiar with it. In the meantime I grew much more enthusiastic. The training in Spain at the racetrack of Ascari has certainly contributed to that.
We drove among others the GS F and the IS F. On the track you learn what a car can do. In my job I don’t drive many cars, so this was a fantastic experience. You can transfer that feeling as well as the enthusiasm to the customer.

As a Service Advisor what do your activities look like?
At the workshop helpdesk I am responsible for Lexus. I organize the maintenance and the repairs for Lexus and I consult with the lease companies about additional jobs. I also plan the agenda in consultation with our pick-up and delivery service. Above all there is a lot of contact with the Lexus owners.

Is that the main reason to make the step from technician to Service Advisor?
Yes, the nicest thing in my recent job is the contact with the customer, that is the most important reason.
I once started as a technician at a Fiat dealer. After that I wanted to stay in the car industry, but not in the workshop. So I ended up at the helpdesk and that suits me better.

I used to work at a helpdesk at a large workshop. Here at Louwman Exclusive we work with only three technicians for Lexus. Because of this you can spare more time to speak with the customers and specify the details. You can pay full attention to the customer. Lexus has not been in Utrecht for a long time, so you notice there are still more new customers coming in. During the summertime this year for instance there was no ‘holiday-dip’.

Do you keep yourself busy with cars outside your job?
I do not work on cars anymore, if that’s what you mean, besides on the bikes of my children. During my work I am involved with cars all day, outside that I have other hobbies. I play soccer twice a week and beside that I do boxing. I have 2 children of 3 and 7 years old, spending time with them is also my hobby.


About Jordan

Service Advisor / employed since 2015 / Age: 39 / children: 2 / what keeps him busy besides his work: active soccer player and boxer.