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Neville Darthuizen

When he was sixteen years old Neville Darthuizen started as a technician at the Louwman Group. He learned the trade at Toyota but he now works for eighteen years as a technician for Lexus. At Louwman Exclusive he uses his rich experience to get each Lexus driver on the road with a reliable car.

You are already for 27 years employed with the Louwman Group and almost 18 years with the brand Lexus. So you have to be happy with your work, I guess.
Sure, for already 27 years I love to go to work. I started at the Toyota dealer Louwman Amsterdam when I was 16 years of age. I learned a lot, so after 10 years I made the switch to Lexus Breukelen. The technique of Toyota and Lexus is an extension of each other. Through the years the technology has developed enormously. In 1997 the first Toyota Prius with hybrid technique came on the market. Everybody made fun of it but now everyone is after this technique.

Have you been involved from the beginning when Lexus became a part of Louwman Exclusive?
Yes, in 2013 I had the opportunity to help to start Lexus at Louwman Exclusive. Since last year a growth has been observed and now there are three Lexus technicians working in the workshop. Lexus of course is the odd man out between all the violence of those sportscars. But for me it is nice after all those years to look in someone else’s kitchen. I work regularly on a Lamborghini or a McLaren when my help is needed. We assist each other and learn from each other.

So you have a lot of experience in your field. For what do colleagues knock at your door?
Lexus has a hybrid technique which no other car here has. Only McLaren has a small hybrid system. This is a technique I experienced from the beginning and seen it develop. So you can say it is my specialty. A lot of new Lexus models have new gadgets, which you don’t see on other car brands. Lexus is leading the way in that respect.

Is there a favorite Lexus?
I like the Lexus LFA very much. It is a real sportscar and only 500 have been built so it is a rare car.
Another Lexus which I would like to see on my bridge is the one used in the movie ‘Minority report’ with Tom Cruise. It is a concept car, especially designed for this movie, so a real unique car.

Do you work on cars in your spare time?
In the past I had BMW oldtimers which I worked on, but not at the moment. Recently I have moved and so I now do chores in my new house. I also have two grown-up daughters, 17 and 20 years of age. They are my pride and joy. They are both students and have their own life, so I have to make an appointment to see them. They both love cars. The youngest has done an internship during the Masters of LXRY and loved it.


About Neville Darthuizen

Technician / employed since 2013 but already 27 years with the Louwman Group / Age: 45 / Children: 2 daughters / what keeps him busy outside work: doing chores in his house and spending time with his daughters.