Backstage at Louwman Exclusive –

Tammo van der Vooren

As a teenager Tammo van Vooren already was working at his uncle's car-parts business and he also tuned his class mates mopeds. No wonder that he chose for a study at the “IVA” and after that he started to work in the car branche. He worked with different car brands of the luxury segment and feels completely at home as Brand Manager Lexus.

Since the beginning of 2018 you are Brand Manager Lexus. Does this makes you happy?
It suits me rather well! I am responsible for the commercial activities in favour of Lexus. I have been employed at Louwman Exclusive since 2015, but this year I took over the function as Brand Manager from my colleague Paul who now is the purchaser of all the cars. I used to work for Mercedes so I know all about the luxury segment. Paul is still involved at Lexus and we regularly have brain-storming sessions about trading in cars.

After three years at Louwman Exclusive do you have the Lexus feeling?
Yes I am certainly integrated. Because of my experience with several brands in the luxury segment like Lexus, I am good in defining discrepancies and to put myself in the position of the customer. To me Lexus is a too modest brand. I think people will be pleasantly surprised now when they will get acquainted with the brand. Lexus is not screaming from the rooftops, and for me they should be.
It is nice to see that they made a better statement with the new models. In the past they tried to appeal to a broad public with models anybody would like. The new models have become more pronounced and because of that they are more outspoken and bold. You either like them or you don’t.

Have you always had a passion for cars?
As a child I was very interested in cars and technique. Together with my brother I fixed up mopeds from school-friends. So by making some money from that we could finance our own transport. During school holidays I worked in my uncle’s car-parts business. I helped in the shop, delivered parts and installed audio devices and alarm systems.

After finishing the “HAVO” I started a training at the IVA, after completing this I dreamt of working at a special car brand. The dream came true when I got to start at Smart. That really was a very special informative experience. Later I have been working at Saab- and Mercedes dealers and among others extablished a Mercedes branch in Zeist on behalf of the Stern Group. There I hired my colleague Paul. When he left for Louwman Exclusive we always stayed in contact and so I ended up here three years ago.

Do you spend your leisure time also with cars?
I would like to spend more time with cars, but I have young children and during the weekends I like to spend time with my family, my youngest daughter is 7 years old and the oldest is 10 years old, so for the time being the garage is full with bicycles and a motorbike which never comes out.

Often during weekends my wife and daughters go horse riding. I regularly watch them doing so. One of my daughters plays soccer, so when I have time off I go with her to the training. When they have grown up, I will have more time for a nice car.

Brand Manager Lexus / Employed since: 2015 / age: 38 / Children: 2 daughters / What keeps him busy besides work: during the weekends Tammo likes to support his daughter while playing soccer.