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Car Damage

At Louwman Exclusive we understand the love for your car like no other. Therefore it is logical that you do not leave the repair of car damage to just anyone. Especially with all the intelligent technology in cars today, a repair technician needs to know what he/she is doing. If not, a small dent can quickly have major consequences.

Bekkers Autoschade’ is well-known for having the best repair technicians in the Benelux and has been selected by Louwman Exclusive as damage repair partner. They are undisputed specialists in this field, specializing in Maserati, McLaren, Morgan, Lexus, Bentley and Rolls-Royce. They work together with our experienced car mechanics and experts in car refurbishing, to bring your car back to optimal condition.

Do you have damage to your car which needs repairing? Please contact Service Advisor Robin Vriesenga on +31 (0)30 221 21 21.

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