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Car Refurbishing

Refurbishing is a term used in English for renovating. However, this definition is not enough. At Louwman Exclusive, car refurbishing is much more than just renovating a car, it is almost an art form. It is restoring both young and old exquisite cars to a beautiful state again by experts with years of experience.

Maybe you have been driving your dream car for years and the paint is ready for renewal. Or perhaps your beloved car has already seen countless miles which, among other things, has left its mark on the leather interior. At Louwman Exclusive, we understand the love for your car like no other. Refurbishing special cars is second nature for our experts.

Restoring (leather) upholstery

A (leather) interior is affected over time from the influence of weather, UV light, body grease and sharp clothing. Leather upholstery can be repaired in two ways: re-drape or partially or completely repaint. In the latter case the entire interior will be disassembled, after which it will be completely cleaned and degreased. After these two steps, the treated parts are softened for ideal adhesion. The covering is then airbrushed in the correct color. Our experts have dozens of colors of which hundreds of shades can be mixed. Therefore there is always a color to perfectly match your upholstery. Finally, a special topcoat – clear varnish, specifically for leather – is applied, which ensures it is as color-resistant and wear-resistant as when the car left the factory. If necessary, a seal may be applied afterwards, after which dirt, jeans and leather discoloration will have much less chance of permanently contaminating the leather.

Our expert refurbishers are equally skilled in the art of leather processing. Cracks in upholstery are repaired with extreme precision. For example, by placing a second piece of leather behind the damaged leather. The damage is repaired with a special paste and the use of a mold specifically created for this upholstery. This ensures the original leather structure is applied again.

Meticulous paint work

Insects, weather influences and yes, bird droppings are just a few enemies of car paint. If the paint of your car is scratched lightly or heavily, our experts can restore it to the original condition. Your car will be completely washed and get a clay bar treatment, after which all pollution has been removed. With a so-called clay pad, even the smallest pollutants are removed. Then, depending on the severity of the scratches, your car is polished in three steps, with our refurbisher working with a coarse, medium coarse and/or fine polishing agent.

For long-lasting results, your car is given a wax finish or a permanent ceramic coating, depending on your wishes. If you choose a wax, our experts can apply various types, including wax for long-term protection or a concour wax for extreme shine. For the ultimate protection against the weather and pollution, our experts can apply a glass coating: a permanent, ceramic coating which protects your car optimally. This coating also has a high scratch resistance and makes the 3D effect of your car even better. And this will also give the car the ultimate glossy shine.


Would you like our experienced professionals to optimally protect your car and/or make it perfect again? Please contact our Service Advisors on +31 (0)30 221 21 21.


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