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Our Legacy

Craftsmanship as heritage

Louwman Exclusive is a member of one of the most memorable automotive groups in The Netherlands: The Louwman Group, established in 1923 as importer of well-known brands of that time.  Our high standards of the craftsmanship fuelled the extraordinary growth and development in which Louwman Exclusive prospered the past century. The heritage of the Louwman Group comes alive within the unique Louwman Museum in The Hague, it displays the largest private car collection in the world, compiled by the Louwman family.  Showing the development of the automotive industry in every single detail. This passion for cars is the fuel for Louwman Exclusive representing the Premium brands within the group.

Passion, that’s what it’s all about. Passion for the worlds most exclusive car brands and you, our customer. Welcome to the world of Louwman Exclusive, besides worry free driving we offer you a variety of experiences related to your car with our INVITED. Program. This is how we ignite your passion.

You’re Invited!

Arjen van Beek
Managing Director

Oil running through our veins

Passion for special and exclusive cars is in our DNA. This passion will be found and experienced all-over Louwman Exclusive. Our technicians are highly trained by the manufacturers; only working with the required toolsets and knowledge of all brands and models by heart.

Enjoying your automobile(s) worry-free means proactive maintenance and service.  We will notify you prior to important servicing and maintenance. Moreover, we are happy to think along about valuable modifications to your car.

Special wishes? We can safely state that we have made a profession out of detecting special cars wherever in the world. Hidden treasures that we revive with due regard for traditional values.

 Service comes in many forms. Just use the Wi-Fi in our striking showroom at A2? Managing the transport of your precious car from exotic places? Valet service to Schiphol? Tell us how we can be at your service and experience how Louwman Exclusive defines customer satisfaction.


Enter into the world of Louwman Exclusive!

Passion for cars and the overall experience. That’s the world of Louwman Exclusive. INVITED. our loyalty program, for clients only, gives you all privileges you can expect. Focusing on your mobility demands we will inspire your with special invitations, amaze you with smart services and inspiring options. That is how we facilitate your passion for cars.

100 years craftmanship

The Louwman Museum

The Louwman Museum is home to one of  world’s largest en oldest private collection of motorcars, compiled by two generations of the Louwman family. The museum dates back to 1934 and now comprises over two hundred and fifty antique and classic motorcars. Experts regard the collection as one of the most beautiful in the world.

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