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Lexus by Louwman


From its start in 1989, the Lexus brand has been associated with quality, luxury and ultimate customer satisfaction. Lexus vehicles are created with a masterful skill and attention to detail inspired as much by traditional artisanship as by state-of-the-art engineering. This pursuit of perfection is evident at every stage of the manufacturing process.

For example, at the Tahara, Japan facility, components precision-made with leading edge digital technology are assembled and then finished by master craftsmen called Takumi. To be a Takumi is to have a synergy of technical expertise and sure senses honed by decades of rigorous experience.

At the vanguard of quality, every Lexus is a masterpiece of automotive artistry brought to life with human hands sensitive to the heartbeat of innovative technology. What makes a Lexus a Lexus

In addition, Lexus models are measured against a set of internal requirements called the Lexus Musts which cover design, performance, specifications and equipment. These proprietary protocols make Lexus models distinctive and worthy of the Lexus badge.

Since Louwman & Parqui introduced Lexus in The Netherlands in 1990. Louwman Exclusive is the logical partner for this luxury brand.

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