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We are proud that we are able to share our passion for special cars with a select group of people, our customers. Enter the world of Louwman Exclusive and we will do anything to keep your driving experience memorable.

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Mobility Assistant

Your personal assistant... 24/7

Hassle free mobility starts with a personal mobility assistant who is standby for you. This means that you can call at any time, day or night for assistance with a wide range of needs and questions. Services you can expect are concierge services like a restaurant reservation, rental car at your destination or valet parking at the airport. But also more challenging questions like getting hold of – sold out – tickets to concerts and sporting events or making table reservations for a – sometimes all booked – restaurant. Time and effort is no issue, your personal assistant will make every effort to fulfil your desire. For desires that have proven impossible to arrange, a suitable alternative will be presented to you. Find out what we can do for you.

Car Refurbishing

Hidden treasures revitalized

Louwman Exclusive holds a long tradition in renovating special cars. The Louwman Museum houses the world’s oldest private collection of automobiles; brought together by two generations of the Louwman family proves this.

This tradition allows us to treat all your valuable property with the proper care it deserves. It has been stated that the technicians at Louwman Exclusive have oil running through their veins. We have the network and the technical know-how to bring your particular model to life. Renovating your car is one of our passions.


We bring carefully hidden treasures to life
LEF Financial Services

LEF: Louwman Exclusive Finance

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Business mobility with the Louwman Exclusive touch. LEF is unique and custom tailored to your individual mobility needs and demands. With the service you would expect from Louwman Exclusive. Choosing LEF Operational Lease you’ll opt for mobility and convenience. At Louwman Exclusive Finance we take care of everything. From configuring and purchasing the car up to the service levels for optimum use.

Through LEF you acquire the right to make use of the car by a fixed monthly fee over a pre-agreed period of time. Your car will be not your property but will stay at the books of Louwman Exclusive Finance. That means that the leasing company holds the legal and economic ownership of your automobile. At the end of the leasing period you have the right of first buy of course.

We repair and do services for all car brands.

Car Brokerage

Acquisition and sale of exclusive cars

Louwman Exclusive has a special relationship with the community of car collectors. No wonder the Louwman Museum houses the world’s oldest private collection of automobiles. We know the worldwide car collector scene well and are used to operate both locally and internationally. For the Museum we found rare automobiles in the farthest outskirts of the world. Looking for a special model? We are also happy to share our expertise. We know the drill when it comes to acquiring international exclusive cars. But also dealing with ‘red tape’ as customs and transport handling is familiar ground to us.

Car Import & Export

Your car across the border

Like a lot of our clients our services are cross-border. Louwman Exclusive holds al long-time track record in importing and exporting cars. We promise a fluent dealing with red tape as customs and transportation issues. Having any special demand concerning importing or exporting your car? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are gladly at your service.

Custom Audio

Tailor-made solutions for audio

Sports cars are built for ultimate driving pleasure. Aerodynamic design, sporty chassis, great engine sound and impressive performance. Many (men’s) hearts beat faster.

Driving these cars is pure pleasure. Enjoy the surroundings. Nice piece of music … Hmmm, something which is against. Well there is the car still not made …

But why not. In every respect has used the best materials. Except for the audio system. Music is an emotion. Good music makes one feel relax. Automakers pay little or no attention to that. The engine sound, which should be the audio system. But what if driven on a highway is where you can not drive fast.

Most audio systems do not exceed the monotonous engine noise out at 130 km / h in the seventh or eighth gear. Therefore Louwman Exclusive developing an audio system that fits like a tailored suit. Both the car and at the customer. Perfectly balanced to create an ultimate concert experience. For this use is made of the finest acoustic materials, speakers, amplifiers and processors. The end result is a sports car in every way to ensure that you are out of the daily grind. Ultimate enjoyment!

Exclusive Transport

Your car safely transported

Getting your expensive car, hassle free, there where you would like to have it, can be quite of a challenge. Not for Louwman Exclusive. We love to use our extensive experience in transporting exclusive cars for you, so you can fully enjoy your car. Wherever and whenever you like.

We offer you door to door service provided by our specialist in transport of Luxury cars. Your transport needs can be arranged by us with open and enclosed trailers and our service doesn’t stop between the borders of the Netherlands. Transport of your car(s) can be arranged accros Europe.

Our drivers will meet you at a time and place which you prefer. Transport will be done in  full discretion and they will treat your car like a real “Car Butler”. The drivers have years of experience driving and dealing with the most exclusive cars in the world and our material is adapted to what you may expect. Your classic car can be loaded with an electric winch which also meets your highest expectations and never will damage your car.

For our transport possibilities there are no limits; your classic car to an auction or car show, a sportscar to your vacation destination, your car to the start of a rally event, delivery of your car after our service or renovation, etc. Please ask our team to help you out with your transport needs.


Car Storage

High level car storage services

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As car enthusiasts with high expectations for service and quality we are driven to provide our clients with high level car storage services. Which means the possibility to enjoy an integrated experience of the highest standards. We manage all the aspects of vehicle ownership that you may not have the time or capacity to take care of yourself. Or when that extra car will not fit into your garage.

Our services contains for example; 24/7/365 access, dry storage, pick up and delivery service, control of tire pressure, control of workshop visits, engine running when necessary, etc. Your car is always in good shape and ready to use.

Located in the center of the Netherlands with an easy access to the national- and international highway network.

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Passion for cars and the overall experience. That’s the world of Louwman Exclusive. INVITED. Our loyalty program, for clients only, gives you all privileges you can expect. Focusing on your mobility demands we will inspire your with special invitations, amaze you with smart services and inspiring options. That is how we facilitate your passion for and the overall experience. That's the world of Louwman Exclusive.

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